PUBG Dev Team Reveals Major Changes

Earlier this week, the PUBG group addressed the latest undocumented audio adjustments made to the Steam version of the game. these adjustments have been no longer shared with their brand new patch and distinctly altered the effectiveness of gameplay. blue hole right away apologized and promised to do better and one of this manner of doing “higher” consists of in-depth developer update letters to fanatics. it failed to take long for them to supply on that promise, which brings us right here – to the contemporary patch.

The most modern replace the computer recreation will convey drastic adjustments, all of that have been predominately asked for by way of enthusiasts on a common basis. to prove that they may be listening, the crew took to their steam weblog to offer an exceedingly distinct missive to players.

“ever on account that we released the version of PUBG in advance this 12 months, we’ve been targeted on building our group so we are able to put money into the game’s ongoing development,” started their open letter. “we’ve been constructing new content material (like Sanhok), pleasant-of-life improvements (like map choice and weapon balance), and a whole series of aggressive anti-cheat measures. we want PUBG to be the nice sport feasible so players such as you preserve loving—and gambling—it.

Even though we’ve made a few significant enhancements to PUBG, we’ve fallen quick in different ways. players have rightfully called us out for failing to cope with lawsuits approximately performance, and currently, we haven’t finished the pleasant task of speaking about the adjustments we’re making to the sport. these days we want to change that with the aid of talking in-depth approximately the things we’re prioritizing. we’ll additionally tease some of the upcoming content material we plan to add to the game.”

So what are those changes? top precedence adjustments encompass server optimization, anti-dishonest, and overall performance:

Performance and server-aspect optimization – over the last few patches, we’ve seen a big increase in court cases approximately performance issues, which include unpredictable fps drops, visible stuttering, and standard slow performance. some of the basic issues are going on client-facet, and others are server-facet.

First matters first. we’ve identified some easy fixes we will make to improve universal game performance:

We’ve discovered that when automobiles flow over many exclusive kinds of floor materials quickly, too many results are produced, causing players’ GPUs to overload.
Some other motive of GPU overloading (and fps drops) has to do with the way lights outcomes are processed.
Person optimization

We’ll optimize the manner the recreation handles the movement of fighters who you couldn’t see.
The vaulting procedure and animations can also be stepped forward—we accept as true with this can deal with certain screen stuttering problems affecting low-powered computers.
We’ll improve the character model rendering process to prevent a few small body drop issues.
We’ll optimize individual motion and animation even as skydiving to enhance framerate whilst more than one characters are skydiving on the identical time.
We’ll optimize parachute animations to reduce down on frame drops near the begin of the suit
We expect the final three modifications above will make the early levels of each in shape sense a good deal smoother. conflict mode may also benefit immensely from these adjustments.

Vehicle optimization

We’ll optimize the manner the sport handles unseen (a ways away) automobile motion and the motion of player models interior far off vehicles.
Presently stopped automobiles demand an unnecessary quantity out of your CPU. we’ll fix it.
Loading optimization/stabilization

We’ll optimize the middle structures of Miramar and Sanhok to enhance map loading speed.
We’ll optimize bodily texture loading while stage streaming, which ought to cope with display stuttering issues.
There’s a crashing difficulty because of some level-streaming tactics that we’ll deal with.
Different optimization paintings

We’ll address the body drop issue as a result of high-magnification scopes
Sure different far-away items may be rendered in a much less taxing way
We’ll optimize the replay machine to enhance framerate for players who have the replay/death cam activated
Upcoming server-aspect optimization work

We’ll optimize community code and decrease network latency. as an end result, simple participant inputs could be revealed to different players lots quicker.
We’re going to growth the velocity at which the server transfers facts about items (objects, doorways, fences), to deal with the fact that every now and then object spawns in overdue after players parachute in.
We’re going to cast off some inefficient community code. presently, a few items ship updates the servers unnecessarily
Currently, the server rapidly updates positive frames (on motors and person models) in an inefficient manner. while we address this, we accept as true with it will additionally resolve a few odd physics affecting cars.
Glaringly those are a number of adjustments. even as soon as we enforce every single one of the optimization opportunities indexed above, we can preserve seeking out greater chances to enhance the game.

Cheating – cheating is the vicinity where we’ve made the maximum development in latest months. we’ve brought a variety of encryption based totally answers to make it more difficult for hackers to take advantage of vulnerabilities. we’ve additionally banned masses of heaps of cheaters’ accounts and subtle the process via which we become aware of cheaters—maximum cheaters are actually banned within hours of the use of an exploit. we’ve additionally all started taking serious criminal motion against the people chargeable for growing hacks and cheats.

All of this could retain, but there’s more we will do. we believe we’re prevailing the warfare towards dishonest, but we received prevent combating until we’ve eliminated it. look for greater updates in this in future dev letters.

Other upcoming work

“of course, PUBG Corp. is made up of many exclusive groups, and that they’re each centered on enhancing the sport in distinctive ways. the those who work on maps, gameplay stability, or cosmetics aren’t going to stop making matters clearly because we’ve declared that our top priorities lie elsewhere.

The biggest content drop coming in the close to future isSanhok. we’re aiming to convey it to stay servers before the stop of June, an improvement on the map received prevent there. we’re planning new exclusive vehicles and a special weapon for Sanhok, every of with a view to dropping sometime within the month after the map formally launches. amongst those is a large fan request: a drivable 3-wheeled car we’re presently calling the Tukshai.”

“in many ways, Sanhok’s test servers have ended up an area for us to test with all forms of modifications and functions, Such as dynamic weather, a variety of circle systems, and weapon spawn behavior. we’ll preserve to test out adjustments in the course of the approaching test cycle.

We’re additionally excited to expose off the paintings that our worldbuilding group has been doing to make Sanhok our maximum stunning map but.”

Pictures of some of those changes have been additionally provided, in addition to a heartfelt promise from the developers themselves. in case you concept this patch was large, wait to you see the whole notes right here.

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