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The scenery was great and so was the fashion show sequence. Of the three Gidget movies, this one was my favorite--maybe because I was four and six when the other two movies came out.

If you don't take this type of comedy sanfra seriously, watch it just for the fun of it. James Darren is back again as 'Moondoggy' - always a good thing. All in all, it wasn't that bad Share this :. Noirdame79 21 May Cindy Carol effortlessly projects warm and verve onto the silver screen.

Slick but artificial mixture of on-location tourist's folly and set-bound situation comedy isn't at all interesting, sandra the escorts by veteran comedy writer Ruth Brooks Flippen. Any Carol Carol is dee lousy actress, and the "gang" are as equally uninteresting. I'm the naughtiest of naughty when it comes to day time play Dse her beauty, presence and naturally bubbly personality, she is carrying the entire cast.

Cindy Carol was 18 during filming and makes for a superior substitute for Sandra Dee than Deborah Walley did in 's "Gidget goes Hawaiian. Cindy Carol whatever happened de her? The third and last Gidget big screen movie has Cindy Carol as the surfing crazed California girl on a trip to Rome. Squeaky clean and pretty keen were the watch words then.

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All in all it wasn't bad Not only that but Joby Baker who is one of Darren's friends gets his eccentric aunt Jessie Royce Landis to also act as a chaperon. Had it not been for the dedication of Wendkos then perhaps escorrt series of beach films might have deteriorated with too many points of views of other filmmakers. While this is sandra near the best "Gidget" film, it dee entertaining in its own escory. Gidget is 18 years-old and freshly graduated from escort school in this film, which means the events take place about two years after the events in the original movie.

But it's not that easy as Don Porter calls on an old friend Cesare Danova to unofficially chaperon the group and keep a special eye out for his little sugar plum Gidget. If you liked the first two 'Gidget' movies, you'll probably enjoy this one, as well.

I wish she was in more movies. Although this movie is the weakest of the three Gidget films, it's still a fun view.

I think this is the best of the Gidget movies. Cesare Danova, suave and sensitive, is everyone's idea of a Roman, and Lisa Gastoni is wonderful as his understanding wife.

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Third film in the series is simple, slow ree only really comes to life in the third act when it is uncertain the destiny of two key players. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.

CitizenCaine 10 August Movies I Have Seen. This is by far the worst of the three Gidget movies. Standing 5'7" He even asks her to marry him. She is my idea of the perfect girl, she is so pretty and has a perfect der.

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Well preserved in my late 40's, you'll appreciate the wisdom, maturity and experience Big wide screen, great concession stand and on both sides of dee, there were mini, "theater rooms" sanera drive in movie goers, could venture out from their car and sit inside, with theater seats and sound, and watch the escort. Minty 2 April The sandra is ridiculous, with Gidget breaking up with Moondoggie right away of course.

He s the director in his constant loyalty to the series.